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About Us

In Beauty Medical Center, you will find a selection of highly skilled doctors and nurses. We believe, the medical care service is not like any other service that can be offered in our daily life, because it is not. The reason behind our believe is the life of every person enters in our clinic depends on us. That is why each member of our team is very well selected by the founder Dr. Kamal TouficBsat


  • Dental Service
  • Dermatology Service
  • Physiotherapist Service
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Non-Surgical
  • Medical Service

Our Mission

Our mission at Beauty medical center is providing you with the highest standards.

Our Objective

Beauty Medical Center was established to provide and promote the delivery of optimal patient-centered oral healthcare and community services with emphasis on prevention and by setting the standards of excellence in patient care. Beauty Medical Center recruit, matriculates and attracts the best qualified medical, scientific and support staff. Beauty Medical Center develops, applies and shares new technologies.

Motivation is easy

Our Core Values

Dr. Kamal Toufic Bsat

General Manager / Oral Medicine
Beauty Medical Center


Dr. Antoine Karam

Specialist Periodontics

Dr. Salama H. EL Soukkary

GP Dentist with Privilege Implant, Master of Science in Oral Implantology- Germany, Washington University of Dental Medicine - USA

Dr. Rasheed

General Dentist

Dr. Hend EL Karmouty

Diploma Degree of Root Canal Treatment Dental, Filling and Fixed Prosthodontics, Member of International Association for Orthodontic

Dr. Graciela Jabor Jahn

Specialist in Orthodontics, Specialist Degree - Buenos Aires/ Argentina, Master of Science - University of Sao Paulo/ Brazil

Dr. Sahar Hussein Ali Abou Mousa

Master Degree in fixed Prosthodontics, Alexandria University

Dr. Divya Bala Krishnan

Dentist, M.D.S. - Periodontics

Dr. Guillermina Ochoa

Dentist - Root Canal Treatment Privilege

Dr. Enas Badereldin Ibrahim

General Dentist

Dr. Ali Hussein Soueid

Specialist (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) - ENGLAND

Dr. Hicham Mouallem

Specialist (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) - ITALY

Dr. Rasha Abdelrahman Mohammed

Specialist (Dermatologist)

Dr. Ryme Abdulkarim Chehade

Laser Department

Dr. Rim Adnan Kanawati

Specialist Endocrinology & Diabetes

Mr. Yazan Abdekarim Alkhatib


Amal Rhannami


Razan Alsaleh


Ebtehal Mohamed Abdelkader


Beauty Medical Center